DIP Forum Foundation Declaration

The main interest of the powers that be in both countries is in ensuring that their respective parties in government remain in power. Precisely for this purpose, some politicians stoke hatred and stir up violence in order to distract their country people from problems like poverty and social injustice.

In such a messed up situation, it is necessary that the rational citizens of both the countries are not pulled into this slipstream of force. Rather, they must intensify their efforts to counteract against the situation and propagate foremost the mutual ties of the people. We must call upon the consciousness of the two societies which possess one-millennium-old culture as a common heritage. Their similarities outweigh their differences.

The two countries could profit from each other if they live together as good neighbours. The resources being spent on staging and managing confrontations against each other could be used for other more constructive purposes.

A first step towards a rapprochement between India and Pakistan would be for peace-loving citizens of both countries to know each other and come together. The revival of peace initiatives between the two countries in early 2004 has not been endurably consolidated. The non-resident Indians and Pakistanis together with German friends would like make a modest contribution to the peace-building process, by instituting a platform where all can meet and work for these ideals. This initiative can be an incentive or an impulse for the people in both countries.

We are aware of the modest means and opportunities available to us. Nevertheless we wish to establish an initiative here in Germany and carry our message to India and Pakistan. If this succeeds, then the possibility will rise that citizens of the two countries shall lead the politicians on the way to rational thinking, so that both countries can exist as good neighbours and even live peacefully as good friends together.

In order to realise these goals, the foundation of an association, seeking to work for international understanding and cooperation between India, Pakistan and Germany, is urgently called for.


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