Indians, Pakistanis jointly celebrate independence – free from acrimony

26 Aug

Spreading the message of friendship and peace, Indians and Pakistanis living in Bonn together celebrated the independence days of their nations last Saturday. The celebrations saw a six-hour-long evening of events that included a reception, music and dance performances by artists from both countries.

The unique event, organized by the Deustch-Indisch-Pakistanische Forum (DIP Forum in short), drew an audience of about 300, indicating the positive interest of the three countries’ citizens here who believe in working for peace and friendship in South Asia. This is the second year of such joint celebrations organized by the Forum.

The festive and patriotic evening opened with the sisters Amrata and Anjana Narang dancing to the tune of the national song “Vande Mataram”, the music of which is composed by renowned music director A. R. Rahman. Mr. Masud Mirza, Vice-President of DIP Forum, welcomed the audience, which included also a noticeable number of Germans and other nationalities. Mrs. Sushma Jaiswal-Rao, one of the patrons of DIP Forum, bid farewell to the Forum members as she will be leaving Germany shortly.

The keynote address on this auspicious occasion was delivered by Professor Dr. Stephan Conermann, Director of the newly established Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies, University of Bonn. He emphasised the importance of friendship and lasting peace in South Asia. He highlighted the difficult task of bringing enduring peace in South Asia and praised the peace initiatives of DIP Forum for enhancing reconciliation between India and Pakistan. He also explained the curriculum of his institute, which covers studies on South Asian philosophy, religions and languages.

Following a reception, the cultural part of the evening was opened by the Narang sisters with an Indian classical dance performance. Indian and Pakistani patriotic songs were then presented by Maitreyee Kumar, Tasneem and Razaak Khan, followed by folk songs by Orub Hussain. In another presentation of friendship and solidarity, two eye-catching group dances were performed by young local Indians and Pakistanis together.

The penultimate part of the cultural extravaganza included classical vocal and instrumental music by the “Aasmaan” musical group from Kolkata. The folk music by the guest artists built up a musical peak – with the audience clapping and tapping their feet in tandem. This naturally led to a solo folk dance by Mridula Singh which triggered off the disco Finale – titled “Bhangra for All” – that continued until midnight, enticing young and old from all three countries alike to be united on the same floor – a fitting mark set for a peace initiative!


2 Responses to “Indians, Pakistanis jointly celebrate independence – free from acrimony”

  1. WitheHorse April 19, 2007 at 9:48 am #

    Hi all!
    I like this forum!!

  2. criskanton June 28, 2007 at 1:59 am #

    Hello !!! I’m from Australia
    My name is Cris Kanton 🙂
    Dear Friends, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just joined Forum a couple of days ago and I am thrilled that we have a forum such as this. I live in Melbourne and am 19 years old.

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